The next version on the way

by Péau Bruno 12. December 2011 10:14

Some of you reperted exception connecting to your TFS server. The classical is your computer name (mac) is not compatible with netbios (windows) and TFS Server rejected it.

I actually work for a workaround, addin a preference pane in monodevelop so you can change the computer name send to TFS Server.

The second common execption is the Workspace Name .... visual studio don't ask about a workspace, it's automatic, using the computer name also, so in the next version of teamaddins, i will do the same. For all of you that already created a workspace with the name you like, you can change it in the TeamAddins preference page in Monodevelop preference. I will write a HowTo a the same time i release this version.

I will add also a preview for TFS in the Cloud ( see


I sorry for the delay ... it's a Skyrim effect (too much addictive)



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